Wapform for Windows

Form and Report Generator Markup Language.

Wapform uses open-standard WAP wireless application protocol, WAP uses WML wireless markup language, WML is an XML based inherited from HTML markup language, WML is different from HTML, WML can contain more than one page. Wapform use these pages as forms, reports, and subreports.

All-in-One Wapform

Object-oriented fields, properties, methods, and events, plus the expression and the Internet.

Custom Menu Permissions

You can develop your own menu and Access Permissions.

Expressions and conditional

Combination of variables, operators, fields, controls, and functions.


Date and time, logic, math, string and other types of libraries.

Dialog Boxes

Displays a message, and get a response from user.

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Form generator

Use pages to place a large number of controls, use table for layout, use fieldset to group related elements in a form. Nested group design for data-aware component automatically sets the datasource. Can design data input, data filtering or printing parameters form.

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Report generator

You can group data by a single field or expression. You can use either automatic or manual way to force a new page. You can also use scripting languages flexible to design complex reports.

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Wapform Reference

Feature Description Standard Professional
b Bold effects
big Big text
em Emphasized using
i Italic text
small Small text
strong Strong text
u Underlined text
br Break the current line and continue on the following line
p Articles of a paragraph
table Used together with the tr and td elements to create sets of aligned columns
tr Used as a container to hold a single table row
td Used as a container to hold a single table cell data within a table row
a Defines a ?hot spot? in the content
img Display image
do The main control keys, used to perform a subroutine or close the screen
onevent Contains code to be executed when events occurs
go Represents the action of switching to a new card
prev Represents the action of going back to the previous card card
setvar Specifies the value to be assigned to the variable
timer Timer unit is one-tenth seconds
datasource Database source
dbtable Database table
dbquery Database query
dbgrid Database grid
dbnavigator Database navigator
fieldset Set text input components together
input Form input components
select Defines a selectable list
option Specifies a single choice option in a select element
textarea Multiple lines of text input components
pagecontrol Indicates the page control object that contains the tab sheet
tabsheet Use TTabSheet to represent a single page in a tabbed page control
report Report generator
group Data groups
page Automatic new page
newpage Manual new page
if Conditional statements
switch Conditional Predicates
while Loop statement
invoke Call the object methods
function Subroutine, use with go
open Open file dialog
webcopy Downloading or uploading file via http, ftp or network
getprop Read the component`s properties
setprop Write the component`s properties
import Importing ANSI text files
export Exporting ANSI text files
alert Displays the message in the dialog box, wait for the user to press OK button
confirm Displays the message in the dialog box, wait for user after pressing the OK or cancel button the text back
prompt Displays the message in the dialog box, wait for user input and press the OK or cancel button back to text
Local database connectivity to MySQL
Local database connectivity to SQL Server